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The trifecta of perfect skin is built on diet, lifestyle and care. Blemishes or wrinkles are a window into our imperfect behaviors, our overall health and wellbeing. 

A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates breaks down the elasticity of the skin—and loss of elasticity is one reason we show wrinkles, from a furrowed brow to crow’s feet and marionette lines around the mouth. Weight gain also takes a toll, stretching the skin, and can increase sagging.

Smoking and drinking alcohol damage the skin and age it beyond your years. If you imbibe, cells take longer than normal to regenerate. The more frequently your skin cells regenerate, the fresher your complexion appears.


Integrate skincare into your daily routine by cleansing your skin to eliminate dirt buildup and oil. Women should start by removing makeup to prepare the skin to be cleansed. We recommend a facial cleansing lotion followed by a toner (gentle toner for normal to dry skin and balancing toner for normal to oily skin.) Toner is equally important for men.

Finally, protect your skin from the elements. Apply sunscreen daily under your makeup. Apply it frequently during times of exposure to direct sunlight. We recommend the DCL Super Sheer Sunscreen in an SPF of 50+.

At several of Dr. Elaine’s of skincare products are currently on sale. Our Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Sets are 25% off for a super value of $208.00 as compared to the regular price of $278.00. The Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Sets include the Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Peel made of papaya, grape seed, aloe vera and green tea for a polishing skin peel that is gentle enough for everyday use. Sets also offer a Correcting Serum and Line Diminisher to promote perfect skin, in addition to the staples of cleanser, toner and sunscreen.



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