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cosmetic treatments for the bride and mother and mother-in-law of the brideThe big day is approaching. Whether it’s your wedding day or your child’s, you want to look your best. All those photos! All those friends and relatives you haven’t seen in ages! All those eyes on you! Yet with all of the stress of planning a wedding can come acne breakouts, and generally just not looking as good as you could. 

Brides, it’s the day you’ve dreamed of, maybe all your life. With all of the details, excitement and, let’s face it, stress of planning a wedding, it’s not at all surprising to get an acne flare up before the big day.

Dr. Elaine’s Perfect Effects® acne skin treatment clinical skin care line can help you put your best face forward, just when the focus is on you, as it should be. The cutting-edge cosmeceuticals have the highest quality active naturals and botanicals to deep clean, prevent and treat acne pimples and breakouts, reduce blackheads, regulate oil and calm the irritation. The line can even help improve the appearance of red and brown marks from old acne blemishes.

Products that can help include cleaners, treatment products (like Perfecting Gel Mask and Clear Skin Serum), toners, exfoliants and moisturizers. To simplify your life at such a busy time, the acne skincare combines alpha and beta hydroxyl acids and vitamins with proven acne fighting botanicals and marine extracts in an effective, streamlined program for acne on the face, chest and back. And that can be ultra-important when you’re wearing a beautiful wedding gown that shows off your skin.

For even more convenience, Dr. Elaine has assembled Adult Acne Sets for Normal-Oily and Normal-Dry skin that include Clear Skin Wash, Toner, Antioxidant Enzyme Peel, Clear Skin Serum, Perfecting Gel Mask and Oil Free Moisturizer.

Dr. Elaine can’t do much about those last minute details but, with her Perfect Effects® line of products, she can help you have that beautiful glow that every bride deserves.

Even though the primary focus is on the bride on her wedding day, the mother of the bride or groom wants to look fabulous too. Wouldn’t it be great to hear “you look too young to have a child old enough to be getting married!” Even though you’ll be beaming with pride, Dr. Elaine has a few tricks to help you look as happy as you feel.

Botox Treatments are one of the options Dr. Elaine’s patients love. Botox relaxes facial muscles, reducing frown and forehead lines and crow’s feet. There’s even a Botox brow lift, which treats selected lines in the lower face. Even under the stress of a wedding, imagine looking rested, less stressed and happy. It can even be used to decrease excessive sweating on palms and underarms and for migraine or muscle-related headaches – all things that can certainly surface during the course of wedding planning and the wedding day itself! With as little as one treatment, and in just a few days, you can see results that last an average of four months.

Juvederm XC or Restylane L is another option. An injection restores volume to specific areas reducing lines and wrinkles and improving areas that have lost volume such as lips, cheeks and the under-eye area.

Lastly, Dr. Elaine recommends a SilkPeel to help restore radiance and glow – something you certainly want as you’re walking down that aisle to take your place in the front row. It’s just a fact of life that, over time, our skin’s ability to naturally exfoliate decreases.  Skin doesn’t reflect light as well, looking rather dull. A host of other related problems can arise including the decrease in balanced hydration, plugged and enlarged pores and acne. Even anti-aging, acne and pigment reducing home treatment creams and serums may not absorb optimally. 

Silk Peel Dermalinfusion uses a diamond treatment head to exfoliate precisely, followed by dermal infusion, the application of specific dermaceutical treatment solutions administered at controlled intensity. Skin cell debris, clogged pores and environmental grime are vacuumed away with controlled suction. This allows home skin treatments to penetrate the skin, doing their job more effectively.

Whether it’s for the big day when the focus is on you, or just any day you need to deal with sudden outbreaks and just not looking as good as you know you could, Dr. Elaine’s products and treatments can help.


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