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Body CleansersStep into the shower or tub to wash your body and most people grab for a bar of soap, as though just anything will do. Skin is the largest organ on the body and requires appropriate cleaners to look its best. Absent the proper products, your skin can look ashen, dry and cracked. Get back to whole body good skin using’s line of body cleansers. They’re just right for your skin type that will leave your body clean, comfortable and looking its best.

Calming Body Wash ($17 for 12 oz.) is a moisturizing Aloe Vera gel body cleanser good for all skin types, but is especially beneficial to dry or sensitive skin. Our Calming Body Wash is botanically-based, repairing sensitive skin with Aloe Vera and Honey while anti-inflammatory Lavender, Chamomile and Arnica, calm. Antioxidant Soy evens pigment and reduces blotchiness while soothing White Lily, Silk and Panthenol moisturize leaving skin soft smooth and comfortable all day.

One of our customers, Kamen, had this to say about Calming Body Wash: “It's a body wash. Meaning, its job is to thoroughly clean one's skin, and that it accomplishes well. It does this without dehydrating; it is actually quite moisturizing. Powerful and simple, just what you are looking for.” Another customer, Sharon says, “This body wash smells great, foams and hydrates my skin.”

Extra Gentle Cleanser ($28 for 8oz.) contains natural, pure Aloe Vera and Glycerin to gently cleanse without irritating. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance free and is mild enough to be used on both your face and body. It’s ideal for dry or sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema. We recommend you use the product, rinse off, pat dry and follow with Facial Moisturizing Cream or Moisturizing Body Lotion.

“I have found no part of the body on which this can't be used,” says one of our customers who preferred to remain anonymous. “Anywhere you have redness, irritation or burning, this product will calm, soothe and cleanse that area! Even unmentionable areas. If you have ULTRA SENSITIVE SKIN...this product is for you! I keep a bottle in the shower, by the toilet and on the vanity. I do not leave home without my Extra Gentle Cleanser!”’s cleansing products don’t stop with the skin from the neck down. We also have products specific to the cleansing of your face, including skin that is acne prone or dealing with the effects of aging; products specific to men and teens.  Our cleansers also come as elements in money-saving sets so that you can try them and other related products for a whole-body treatment. And, as always, shipping of all of our products is always free.

Not sure which products are right for you, contact us and we can help you make the right selection for your skin – all of it. 


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