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Welcome to the blog, opinions and observations of board certified cosmetic dermatologist and creator of Dr Elaine’s Advanced Skin Treatment skin care line, Elaine Cook M.D.  I’ve been specializing in Dermatology for 27 years, the last 15 of which have been devoted to the practice of cosmetic dermatology, the development of my own skin care line, and running This blog represents the summation of the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years seeing countless patients and developing multiple prototypes for our skin care products. Some of the medical stories happen over and over again, some are more unusual. Some are purely cosmetic. Some are symptoms of underlying medical disease. All are important. All affect peoples lives.

I plan on discussing a variety of topics. Among them: the so-called “cosmetic” skin problems—acne, melasma, rosacea, aging skin, wrinkles, spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks, hair loss, age spots, sun spots, discoloration and more. I will also discuss the cosmetic procedures used to remedy these problems: Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Laser, Fraxel Laser, Intense Pulse Light Photorejuvenation (IPL), Thermage, Therma-Frax (also called Fraxage), Sclerotherapy, Chemical

Peels and the various other light-based treatments such as LED and blue light. Finally, I will be using my understanding of the skin in health and disease and my experience developing my own skin care line as a basis to discuss anything and everything about skin care products.

Basically, I will be discussing whatever I want on any given day.


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