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coolsculpting-fat-reductionYou’ve done the hard work. You have turned down every French fry and every bowl of ice cream. You’ve worked out diligently and it has all paid off. Still, there are just some areas of your body that remain a little, well, mushier than you’d like them to be. What more can you do? CoolSculpting! And right now, you can save money while eliminating those areas of stubborn fat.

Maybe it’s a muffin top, love handles, tummy bulge, thigh or back and arm fat. Imagine those areas that bother us improving with no downtime, needles, surgery or liposuction!

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary, non-invasive and non-surgical contouring treatment for both men and women that uses a special adapter that "freezes" a fat bulge. Over a 4-month period, a portion of the fat in the bulge treated is naturally processed out of the body just like dietary fat. There are no needles, no exercise, no special diets, no supplements and no surgery. And most importantly, there’s no downtime. It's safe, FDA-cleared, effective, and does exactly what it's supposed to do. Nine out of 10 people had an undeniable reduction of fat after just one treatment. See our before and after photos of real results with CoolSculpting for proof.

Here are some common questions about CoolSculpting and their answers to help you decide if CoolSculpting is right for you:

Q: What happens during CoolSculpting Treatment?
A: The device draws the fat bulge up from the selected area between two cooling panels. Treatment of a single area usually lasts one hour. You will be seated in our reclining chair during the procedure where many people relax reading, watching our TV, using their iPad, or talking on the phone.

CoolSculpting eliminates only the fat cells without injury to the skin or other tissue. Once treated, the treated cells flush through lymphatic system in the same way dietary fat does.

Q: Is treatment uncomfortable?
A: During the first 5-10 minutes, there is a sensation of chilling, compression and pulling on the target bulge which may be uncomfortable, but tolerable. The sensation is a firm tug and pull to ensure the tissue will be cooled most efficiently but soon dissipates.

After treatment, you may experience any of the following:

·         Temporary tingling or numbness in the treated area for up to 8 weeks.

·         Mild redness in the treated area lasting for a few minutes to a few hours is common. Some patients have more severe or persistent redness lasting a few days.

·         Temporary bruising in the area, which may last a few weeks.

·         Tenderness, cramping and or soreness beginning about a week after the procedure and lasting up to a week. This discomfort usually responds well to a specific medication.

Q: How many treatments will it take to get results?
A: A single treatment provides noticeable fat reduction in most patients. Some may want additional fat reducing treatment to the area for more pronounced effects, such as a flatter stomach. After 2- 4 months, an additional treatment may be given if additional fat reduction is desired. For some patients our initial plan is for more than one treatment session for best results. The body continues flushing out fat cells for up to four months. Initial improvement may start by 2 months after treatment, but you usually will experience the most dramatic results over the last 2 months of the 4 month period.

Q: How much improvement can I expect to see?
A: CoolSculpting is not an overall weight-reduction program for overweight patients. Ideal candidates should be near their ideal body weight with a healthy lifestyle and seeking treatment in a specific area, such as reducing stomach fat. Scientific testing has found an average reduction of 22-25% after one treatment. If additional fat removal is desired, another CoolSculpting treatment can be done after two to four months. Final losses may be more or less for each individual.

Q: How long will results last?
A: As adults, we do not grow more fat cells. Instead fat cells get larger with weight gain. After the procedure, the treated fat cells are eliminated from the body. As long as you maintain your weight, long-term results remain stable.

Right now is the perfect time to start eliminating your problem areas with special pricing on CoolSculpting. The large adapter is now $999 per treatment (regularly $1400) and the medium size adapter is now $599 (regularly $700). That’s a significant savings.

You’ve worked so hard on improving your figure. Let us help you in your efforts so that you can show off the best body possible.  Contact Dr. Elaine today at to get started. 


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