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Antioxidant Enzyme Peel exfoliates and gives your skin a healthy glow.  When our patients start using enzyme peel, many apply too much.  It only takes a small amount, a very thin layer.  We tell our patients “when you exfoliate the product off with your fingertips, you want to feel the granules exfoliating.  If it’s gooey, you’ve used too much.” It’s very important that your hands and face are completely dry. Don’t wash your face or hands before use. Just apply (in the morning over your night treatment, or in the evening over your makeup). Let it work for 30 sec to 1 minute. Don’t wash your hands. Then massage in a circular motion to exfoliate for a daily peel. Keep tightly capped after use. Antioxidant Enzyme Peel is gentle enough to use every day, and is a must have if using a retinoid.  Stop by our office for a free sample of Antioxidant Enzyme Peel.  You’re going to love it!


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