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Wouldn’t it be great to have naturally clear, smooth skin and not have to rely on heavy cover-up? Two of our most effective treatments are on sale, making it even easier for you to have smooth, flawless skin. Chemical Peels and ClearLight Acne Treatment are both on 20% off now through September 30. Here’s what each can do for you:

Chemical Peels are the solution if your skin has breakouts or spots from old acne blemishes, is dull, discolored, has fine lines or generally looks tired.

ClearLight Acne PhotoClearing is the treatment if you just have red acne bumps and pus bumps and want an easy weekly treatment with no discomfort at all.

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel

·         Improves acne, plugged pores, pigment problems, fine lines, and sun damage. It increases smoothness and natural glow and softens mild acne scars.

·         There is minimal peeling 4-5 days after treatment and you may have small crusts at sites where old acne blemishes were removed. See our before and after photos of real results with Chemical Peels.

·         Have treatments every 2-4 weeks or monthly for best results.

·         You may experience mild itching or stinging during the procedure.

·         Because acne is a chronic, ongoing disorder, all of our treatments, including glycolic peel/acne surgery aim to help control acne, not cure it. New lesions will form, old ones take a while to fade, and scars may be permanent. Treatment with prescription medications (including hormonal treatment for females), use of your recommended skin care products, and other treatments are often needed as well. It is important to use the recommended home treatment.

·         After treatment, it is normal for your face to feel flushed. And it may be red for several hours after the peel, similar to a sun burn. Your skin may feel slightly tight or dry for several days. This is normal. Small crusts may form on some acne lesions as they dry up.

ClearLight and ClearLight/PDT Acne Treatment

·         Uses non-invasive, high intensity blue light to improve inflammatory acne, which includes red and pus bumps. Blackheads and whiteheads are not improved.

·         The light activates bacteria-fighting compounds called porphyrins, that start a chemical reaction that produces peroxide, which destroys the P. acnes bacteria.

·         There is absolutely no downtime, peeling or crusting, so you can go about your days with your skin improving consistently.

·         ClearLight/PDT means medication is applied before treatment to increase improvement, and to target deeper cysts and oil glands.

·         Check out our before and after photos of real results with ClearLight.

ClearLight Acne Treatment

·         Requires approximately 8 treatments, either once or twice a week. It is important to complete all treatments.

·         You’ll feel a mild to moderate warming sensation.

·         Improvement in your skin usually starts by the 2nd-5th treatment.

·         The treatment typically helps control acne for four to six months; after that another treatment series may be necessary.

·         Expect to see a clearing of 70-80% of mild to moderate red bumps and pus bumps in 8 weeks. Blackheads and whiteheads are not cleared. Approximately 15-20% of patients do not improve due to other types of bacteria or causes of acne.

·         There’s usually no recovery time or side effects involved. Occasionally an acne flare up occurs between the second and sixth treatment, usually resolving before the last treatment.

ClearLight/PDT Acne Treatment

·         For best results get an average of 3-4 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

·         Expect mild to moderate burning or stinging, lasting up to 24 hour. Numbing cream is used.

·         You’ll usually see improvement after the second treatment.

·         The results usually last 6-12 months or longer, if the treatment series is completed according to the recommended schedule and the recommended surface program is continued. The degree and length of improvement varies. Approximately 15-20% of patients do not improve.

·         Expect to see some swelling and redness for 2-5 days. Flaking, crusting or blisters may occur healing in 7 days. You will be sensitive to all forms of light, including sunlight, sunlight through car window glass, and indoor light for 72 hours.

Dr. Elaine can help you determine which treatment method is most appropriate for your particular situation. Then, you will be provided with all of the details you’ll need to know including what to expect in the days before, during and after treatment in order to help your treatment be as effective as possible. Contact Dr. Elaine to set up your appointment today. 


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