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Each individual is different, and each physician has his or her preferences, but in general ,my choices and the average number of syringes used:


  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines)—-Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC-—1-2 syringes split both sides
  • Lips—Juvederm Ultra XC-1 syringe
  • Marionette lines and corners of the mouth—-Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC--1-2 syringes split both sides
  • Under eye hollowsRestylane-L—-1 syringe split both sides
  • CheeksJuvederm Ultra Plus XC—-2 syringes, one for each side.
  • Temples—Juvederm Ultra Plus XC—-1 syringe or Sculptra
  • If doing overall “re-volumizing”-Sculptra 2 vials per treatment, 3 treatments, (total 6 vials)

What do cosmetic skin fillers cost?

These are our current prices per syringe or vial for cosmetic skin fillers.

Of course they may change as our filler costs change. We also have a lot of package discounts and intermittent specials on fillers. And the manufacturers offer rebates and discounts which help you out too.

Juvederm Ultra XC—$599

  • Two or more syringes are $562.50
  • Plus you get 5 units of Botox for chin free. This helps the turn down of the mouth and jowls.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC $625

  • Two or more syringes are $587.50
  • Plus you get 5 units of Botox for chin free. This helps the turn down of the mouth and jowls.

Sculptra Aesthetic—$899 per vial

  • For a 3 treatment series, of 2 vials per treatment (total 6 vials)—$4999

When Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC came out with anesthetic, our costs went up a substantial amount but we decided not to increase our prices for cosmetic filler. We thought it was important to hold costs down for our patients in this economy.

Are fillers expensive? I think that they are well worth the costs, because you really get a bang for the buck. When budget is an issue, our patients often start with one or two syringes and then add more later. And many patients only need one or two syringes to get the improvement they want. Also, at the time of retreatment, it is not unusual to not need as much treatment, as some of the results are lasting.

For more information on our current cosmetic procedures on sale and discounts check our web site.

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