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Longer Lashes with LatisseHave you ever been so distracted by someone’s long, dark, thick lashes that you didn’t really pay attention to what they are saying? You envy those lovely, eye-framing fringes, cursing your own sparse, short lashes. No amount of mascara or curling makes a difference. And false eyelashes are just a pain to deal with. But now, Advanced Skin Treatment Center offers a solution that gives you your own long, lush lashes – Latisse!

What is Latisse?
Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash lengthening drug out there. The story behind Latisse is an interesting one. Manufactured by Allergan, Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) contains the same active ingredient found in the glaucoma drug Lumigan. Glaucoma patients who used Lumigan drops started growing longer, fuller and darker lashes. Latisse is now approved for the inability to grow eyelashes (eyelash hypotrichosis.) Latisse increases the length of the growth phase of lashes as well as the number of hairs growing during that phase. Latisse is dabbed along the lash line with a sterile applicator. A new applicator is provided for each application.

Great! Where do I get it?

Latisse is only available by prescription. Dr. Elaine prescribes Latisse that is filled at your local pharmacy. Latisse is intended to be used on an ongoing basis. Dr. Elaine tells patients to use it every night until they start to see growth, then use it every other or every third night.

How long should I use it?

It is not advisable to stop using Latisse because the lashes will revert to their previous condition over a period of a month or two if you slowly taper it, but faster if you stop abruptly. Dr. Elaine does not recommend stopping suddenly because you may actually lose lashes and for a short period of time, look worse than before you started.

What kind of results can I expect from Latisse?
When you use Latisse as directed, studies have shown that you can expect a 25% increase in the length of your lashes, a 106% increase in thickness and fullness and an 18% increase in the darkness of lashes. Over the course of eight to16 weeks, you will notice a real difference and so will others!

What about side effects?
As with any drug, there are some. You should blot Latisse off of any skin other than your lash line because it can cause hair growth where you don’t want it. There may also be darkening of the skin around the eyelids as well as red and itchy eyes; very rarely brown pigmentation to the colored part of your eye. If you are pregnant or have any skin infections of the upper eyelids, Dr. Elaine advises you not to use Latisse at this time. Dr. Elaine will work with you and your specific situation to determine if Latisse is right for you.

As an interesting and hopeful side note, scientists are studying Latisse to see if it can help people who have lost their eyelashes due to the side effects of chemotherapy to treat cancer since chemo kills the body’s quick-growing cells in the body, including the cells in hair roots. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Everyone should be able to have the beautiful lashes they deserve.

Contact Dr. Elaine today to get started growing your own enviable, distracting lashes. 


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