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Holiday Gift CardThe gift of soft, smooth, glowing and youthful skin is the gift that is appreciated year-round. Dr. Elaine’s® holiday gift cards are perfect for giving your special someone a choice of the perfect gift. Purchase any of the skin care products found on A gift card also takes away the worry and stress of choosing a present that the recipient will like and use. Our gift cards can be used even during sales, extending the value of the card. This Holiday season give your special someone the gift of getting what they want when they want it.

Benefits of Buying A Gift Card

Buying a gift card saves you time and aggravation spent waiting in long lines. Use that time to spend time with your loved ones instead! The recipient of the gift card will benefit from products that will dramatically change their skin’s look, texture and finish. We offer free shipping everyday so there’s no added cost when they order. Gift cards are great stocking stuffers and a thoughtful, practical gift that anyone will enjoy.

For Men

Men experience wrinkles, rough patches, loss of elasticity and brown spots, just as women do. Ultimately, they want to look their best just as much as women. Dr. Elaine’s® skin care products for men include facial treatment sets, moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliants, toners, lighteners and sunscreen.

For Teens and Young Adults

Effective skin care routines start in the teen years. Hormonal changes cause acne breakouts and pimples. For acne-prone teenagers and young adults, Perfect Effects® clinical acne skin care products make the perfect gift. Deep clean the skin and help to both treat and prevent breakouts. These products regulate oil on the skin and help to improve marks left from old blemishes. Since appearances are so important for teens, a gift card is one of the most useful gifts you can give a teen. 

Teenage girls and young women like Dermatologist-developed Dr. Elaine’s® antioxidant mineral powder and mineral glow, which will bring a healthy and radiant look to the skin. It covers blemishes, dark spots or redness and comes in a light and non-sticky formula, perfect for someone just starting to wear makeup. The result is natural and is works perfectly for all skin types. Acne fighting thyme makes this a great choice for teenage girls and women who suffer with acne. This cosmetic product is fragrance and paraben free so it will not irritate already sensitive or acne-prone skin.

For Everyone

Many of our body and hair care products are great for anyone. Among our most popular holiday gifts are the Citrus Body Scrub and Smoothing Body Moisturizer. Both have a delicious fragrance and leave skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Gift Sets

The best gift of all is a skin care gift set. Acne treatment sets are popular among those who are prone to pimples or breakouts while some women wish to try our anti-aging treatment set with our revolutionary Perfecting Complex.

By choosing a gift card as your presents this year, you are giving a helpful, practical and useful gift that keeps on giving every single day of the year. Make it easy on yourself and Buy a Gift Card today!


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