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AMARILLO, TX – When it comes to maintaining beauty through anti-aging treatments, perhaps no other avenue has received more attention over the past few years than Botox. Indeed, Botox is the single most common cosmetic treatment performed in the U.S. each year.

Botox is a derivative of the botulinum toxin, a highly toxic substance that can cause botulism when used improperly, but as a cosmetic procedure it has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for over two decades. The prescription formula, which must be administered by a physician, is injected in the face and is known to reduced wrinkles, or the so-called “frown lines,” and give the patient a more youthful appearance. Most patients taking Botox treatments find the beneficial results to appear within a few days of administration, then last three to six months. Repeat administrations are perfectly fine and many patients who begin Botox treatments become regular, happy users.

Botox Doesn't Reduce Your Age, but it Does Reduce the Appearance of Aging 


Botox is not actually an anti-aging procedure per se, since it doesn’t really reverse the aging process, but it has become quite popular for thousands of people wishing to look younger in our youth-oriented culture. Researchers have predicted that the entire marketplace for procedures that fall under the broad category of facial aesthetics will reach some $4.7 billion worldwide by the year 2018, with more than half of that, or some $2.9 billion, related directly to botox treatments.

While beauty, of course, in the form of fewer wrinkles on the face, is the most often cited benefit of botox treatments, in recent years news reports have been full of news that many employment seekers are taking botox treatments in an effort to remain competitive in the job market. Whatever the reason, the demand for botox has been growing steadily.   

Considerations for Using Botox to Reduce the Appearance of Frown Lines and Wrinkles 


Botox is actually the trade name from the manufacturer Allergan, Inc., and there are a few other similar applications from other drug makers used for the same cosmetic purposes. Here at and the medical practice of Dr. Elaine Cook, a board certified dermatologist with 29 years of experience, the preferred brand is Allergan’s Botox Cosmetic. We find that our patients experience very little discomfort with botox treatments and come back again and again to maintain their youthful looks. The treatments are quite effective and safe, and the only restrictions are certain allergies or medical conditions, or in conjunction with other drugs the patient may be taking. Also, it may not be administered to women who are or may become pregnant or to those who are nursing. Before administration a full medical examination and history is taken to determine qualification. 

Dr. Elaine Cook has specialized in the cosmetic dermatology arena for the past 17 years and maintains a busy cosmetic dermatology practice at Advanced Skin Treatment Center in Amarillo, TX. She is also President and founder of Dr. Elaine's® Advanced Skin Treatment, a clinical skin care line sold online and in dermatologists offices. features online sales for Dr. Elaine's Advanced Skin Treatment skin care, as well as extensive information on cosmetic skin problems and cosmetic skin procedures. Dr. Elaine comments on various topics related to skin care, cosmetic skin problems and cosmetic skin procedures on our blog and on Twitter@drelaines. You can also connect with her on our Facebook pages for our Cosmetic Dermatology Practice and for Dr. Elaine's Skin Care.

Dr. Elaine’s Advanced Skin Treatment skin care products cover the gamut of needs, from products for facial treatments and body care, to hair treatments, anti-aging products, products for sensitive skin, cosmetics, acne and teen/young adult treatment, and even products designed specifically for men.   


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