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    Greet the world with confidence this spring knowing that your face has never looked better thanks to Dr. Elaine’s Antioxidant Enzyme Facial Peel. Its botanical gel formula contains papaya to exfoliate with scientifically proven antioxidant grape seed and green tea extracts that renew your skin while Aloe Vera soothes it, leaving your face brighter and softer with a warm glow that’s bound to be noticed.

    Your face is the first thing people notice when you meet them, and nothing says more than the confidence that comes with clear, healthy-looking skin. The place to start is with a daily skin peel to cast off dead cells and unclog your pores, uncovering the natural beauty of your skin.

    Simply apply a thin layer of Dr. Elaine’s Antioxidant Enzyme Peel on clean, dry skin and smooth it in with your fingers. Do not wash your face or hands before you apply the skin on your face and hands must be dry. Do as the professional skincare aestheticians do and sweep your fingers upward on your skin vs. dragging downward. Do not wash your hands after you apply the Peel. Leave the Peel on your face for one minute, and then gently massage it in using your fingertips in a circular motion to buff your dead surface cells away. Rinse off the exfoliant with warm water and pat your skin dry to reveal a fresh, softer-looking face that fairly glows.

    Dr. Elaine’s wide variety of other facial treatment and all-natural cosmetic products complement our Antioxidant Enzyme Peel to give you everything you need to make it easy to get the clear, radiant, healthy-looking skin you have always wanted – from the basic essentials to complete sets. Plus they are all tailored to your individual skin type and needs.

    All of the clinical skin treatment products developed by dermatologist Dr. Elaine Cook combine the best of proactive skin care solutions with scientifically proven botanical and natural actives. The result is a facial skin care program with visible results that leaves your skin clearer with a healthy glow, improved tone, smoothness, sensitivity and radiance. Regular use of Dr. Elaine’s skin care products reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne blemishes, discoloration and sun damage. We invite you to look through our skin care gallery online for before and after photos of actual people who have used our products.

    You can order Dr. Elaine’s Antioxidant Enzyme Peel and other fine skin care products simply and securely through our online store. All of Dr. Elaine’s skin care products purchased online are shipped to you FREE via USPS Priority Mail, usually within three business days. Express shipping is also available on web orders placed before noon, CST, Monday through Friday. Call 1-800-417-SKIN for details.


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