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The first 5:

1) If you can only afford one anti-aging treatment—do cosmetic filler injections Doing aesthetic filler injections is one of my very favorite procedures because it makes such an improvement in giving a healthy, youthful appearance. But you do have to be realistic about how many syringes you need, and the results that you can achieve with the number of syringes you can afford. It takes a certain volume to get a certain result. It is fine to do it a little at a time as you can afford it, but to say that “filler didn’t work” when you needed three syringes but only did one is not a fair test.

I always try to stay grounded in reality. 2) Don’t expect filler injections to remove etched lines The hyaluronic acid fillers Juvederm and Restylane plump up wrinkles from below and provide lost fullness. But if the line is etched from being folded ten million times, you will need skin resurfacing to really smooth the sharp line. If you stretch the skin and the wrinkle totally disappears, usually filler is all you need. If there is still a surface crease, you will need resurfacing. But either way the line will look a lot better after filler.

It’s always better to see the glass half full.

3) Treat eyebrows and temples Yes, the lips, the corners of the mouth, and the smile lines are the first priority; cheeks next. But don’t forget the eyebrows and temples. With age, the eyebrows thin and begin to droop, especially at the outer comers. The fat that sits on the brow bone begins to descend, taking the brows down with it. A relatively small amount of Juvederm or Restylane in the outside wing of the eyebrow gives 3 dimensional structure and helps reduce hooding of the upper eyelid. Sunken temples give you a skeletal look and are aging.

Halloween was last night.

4) Treat corners of the mouth Turned down corners of the mouth make you look unhappy and older. Juvederm or Restylane is injected below and to the side of the corner to turn it up. It breaks up the line from the corner down to the chin. You look happy.

Even when you’re not.

5) With age, thin faces need volume They do.

Believe me.


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