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If our anti aging rejuvenation plan is to consider the 5 R’s—-Repair, Relax, Restore, Resurface, Re-drape—what does this mean?

Deciding how to proceed in an anti-aging skin rejuvenation plan it is remarkably similar to an interior decorator looking at a sofa and deciding what it needs to be fixed.

An interior decorator is trained to know what to do to your sofa. Cosmetic dermatologists are exterior decorators, trained to know what to do to improve your face. Just like your sofa it may be more one problem than another. And just like your sofa, there comes a point when it has had enough wear and tear that you are tired of it and want it to look like new.

The interior decorator asks:

  1. Is the material good or does it need to be replaced? Does it have spots, stains? (Repair)
  2. Is the material stretched too tight so there is pulling and wrinkles and ripples? (Relax)
  3. Are the cushions plump or have they lost stuffing that needs to be replaced? (Restore volume)
  4. Are there tears, and snags? Do I like the color? (Resurface)
  5. Is the couch sagging? Do the springs and webbing need to be replaced? (Re-drape)

An interior decorator discusses your style and what you want, assesses the sofa, gives you an estimate of costs, and you decide how to proceed. Once we have discussed with you what you want and how you see the problem, we make an assessment, give you an estimate of costs, and together we decide how to proceed.

So what procedures can we use to accomplish our anti-aging facial rejuvenation goals?

  • Repair Sun Damage–Spots, broken blood vessels, and roughness—skin care, prescription retinoids, chemical peels, lesion destruction, SilkPeel, GentleWaves LED, IPL, Fraxel
  • Relax Muscle Action–Reduce lines—Botox
  • Restore Volume–Reduce lines, give youthful fullness, and lift sagging skin—Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra
  • Resurface Skin Texture–Reduce lines, wrinkles, pore size, scars—skin care, prescription retinoids, chemical peels, SilkPeel , Fraxel
  • Re-drape Sagging Skin–Lift and firm—Thermage, Juvederm or Sculptra Liquid Lift

Next time—how and why we need to repair sun damage.


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