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  1. Repair Sun Damage–Reduce Lines, Wrinkles, Spots, Sagging
  2. Relax Muscle Action–Reduce Lines
  3. Restore Volume–Reduce Lines, Give Youthful Fullness and Lift Sagging Skin
  4. Resurface Skin Texture–Reduce Lines, Wrinkles, Pore Size, Scars
  5. Re-drape Sagging Skin–Lift and Firm

On to Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Plan Step #4–Resurface Skin Texture

Young skin is smooth skin. When you look at a child’s skin you see smooth, plump skin without wrinkles, bumps, spots, scars. The pores are small, almost invisible. When you pinch it—gently of course—it rebounds to its original position immediately.

Over time, with continued sun exposure, gravity, repetitive muscle action, smoking, environmental toxins, a glycemic diet, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes, your skin begins to change. Lines develop, brown spots and broken blood vessels appear, pores enlarge, bumps and rough spots appear and skin develops a faint yellowish thickened “crepe paper” stiff appearance. Light doesn’t reflect as well giving a dull appearance with loss of glow. If you pinch it, it bounces back sluggishly as elasticity decreases.

When this occurs, the skin needs to be resurfaced. Just as when you refinish your floors to remove scrapes, dents, pits and ripples, your skin needs to have the etched wrinkles, crepiness, spots, bumpy surface removed and pore size reduced. Resurfacing restores smooth youthful skin.

The best way to slow down this progression is prevention: consistent daily sun protection with sun block every day; avoidance of weight fluctuations, toxins and smoking; eating a healthy diet; daily use of topical retinoids, antioxidants, peptides, growth factors, exfoliants, fruit acids; and reducing excessive facial expressions with Botox.

For early signs of aging requiring gentle intervention: light or medium chemical peels, LED light treatments, and medical microdermabrasion.

If aging changes are more advanced options are: deeper chemical peels, and laser resurfacing.

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