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Happier Holidays start with us and our Holiday Open House, Thursday, Nov. 14. See you there.Dr. Elaine's Holiday Sale Botox, Juvederm and All Skin Care 20% Off


The holiday season can be full of joy or stressful and exhausting. Advanced Skin Treatment Center in Amarillo, Texas wants to help you go into the holiday season looking your best and feeling confident that you look younger than your years and your counterparts who haven’t put the effort in to maintain their skin.


Your invitation to come pamper yourself at one of our most popular events:

                        Who:               Holiday Open House

When:             November 14, 8 a.m. –  8 p.m.

What:             An entire day reserved just for our patients wanting 20% off on Botox and Juvederm treatments. In addition, all of Dr. Elaine’s Skin Care will be 20% off.

Where:           2609 Wolflin Village, Amarillo TX 79109

RSVP:            Call us today at 806-358-1117 or 800-417-SKIN to take advantage of these great offers.

Botox injections smooth away vertical lines between your brows, the furrows on your forehead and in the crow’s feet around your eye. There is no down time with Botox injections and the results are apparent within days as the underlying muscles relax so they cannot form frowns or angry expressions.

Despite the frenzy of the season, you’ll look calm, rested, happy and unstressed.

Besides eliminating lines, a sign of aging, fillers help plump up your face to the same youthful fullness you once had but possibly didn’t value like you do today!

Juvederm injections fill in the parenthesis lines between your nose and the corner of your mouth, sometimes called smile lines. It also reduces marionette wrinkles that run between the corner of your mouth and your chin that visually drags your face down and makes you look sad. Filler injections take years off your expression and the results are immediately evident. Juvederm can also plump up your lips with carefully administered injections around the lip outline. The lips can be sensitive so we numb your upper and lower lip area before the injections. The improvement is immediately evident returning the lips to their youthful fullness that you once enjoyed, while reducing the hated “lipstick lines.”

Just for fun, we recommend you make a mental note of the compliments you receive after Botox and Juvederm treatments…guaranteed it will be less about the dress you’re wearing and more about how refreshed and happy you look.

The beauty of our Advanced Skin Treatment Clinic Open House isn’t just these beautifying treatments; it’s also the savings. Take 20% off all Dr. Elaine’s Skin Care Products including Perfecting Body Moisturizer, Protect Hand Cream, Smoothing Body Moisturizer  and our Lip Therapy.  With such great deals, you can stock up and keep your skin feeling as good as it looks throughout the chilling winds of winter.

Happier Holidays start with us and our Holiday Open House, Thursday, Nov. 14. Call us at 806-358-1117 or 800-417-SKIN to make an appointment for Botox and/or Juvederm. See you there. 


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