Young Skin is Tight Skin

So now we are on the last of the 5 R's of treatments in a cosmetic dermatologist's anti-aging aesthetic plan: Repair, Relax, Restore, Resurface, Redrape

So now we are on the last of the 5 R’s of treatments in a cosmetic dermatologist’s anti-aging aesthetic plan: Repair, Relax, Restore, Resurface, Redrape

  • Repair Sun Damage–Reduce Lines, Wrinkles, Spots, Sagging
  • Relax Muscle Action–Reduce Lines
  • Restore Volume–Reduce Lines, Restore Fullness and Lift Sagging Skin
  • Resurface Skin Texture–Reduce Lines, Wrinkles, Pore Size, Scars
  • Redrape Sagging Skin–Lift and Firm Sagging Skin

On to Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Plan Step #5–Redrape Sagging Skin

It is an unfortunate fact of life—gravity will win. But we can put up the good fight in the meantime.

Young skin is tight skin. It has a natural elasticity that causes it to rebound to its original position quickly when it is stretched. It holds everything up where it is supposed to be. The natural fat pads are held up under the eyebrow, up tight under the eye, and up high on the cheek. Skin feels firm. Eyelids are smooth and tight. The jaw line is tight, with the skin up against the bone. The operative word here is “up”.

With aging, collagen and elastic fibers are broken down and the skin looses elasticity as a result of repeated exposures due to damaging effects of the sun, gravity, smoking, environmental toxins, glycemic diet, weight fluctuations, and hormonal changes. Skin feels too loose. Everything starts to sag. Patients say “my face, and everything else, is falling”. The fat pads end up dragging the eyebrows down, as bags under the eyes, and the cheeks end up at the lower face as jowls. Neck is flabby. And let’s not even go below the neck.

Adding to the loss of elasticity is the loss of volume in the face. With aging, loss of fat, collagen and bone structure cause the skin to be too loose around too little volume. When this happens, gravity takes over and the skin sags. When this occurs, the skin needs to be tightened and everything needs to be lifted—it needs to be redraped. Sometimes volume needs to be replaced in the areas where it has been lost. Tightening, lifting, and redraping restores tighter more youthful skin.

Lifting and tightening skin can be divided into: methods to prevent or slow down sagging, treatments to give modest tightening, and procedures that are required when sagging is more pronounced.

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