Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenation

What Causes Us to Look Old

Sun Exposure—breaks down collagen, causes roughness, growths, broken blood vessels, brown spots, wrinkles, sagging

Smoking— breaks down collagen, causes sagging, wrinkles, large pores, cysts, grey skin color

Simple Aging—production of collagen, and cell turnover slows over time

Repetitive Muscle Action—contributes to frown and forehead lines, crow's feet, downturn at corners of mouth

Volume Loss—of bone and fat causes sagging of cheeks and eyebrows, wrinkles around mouth, and thinning lips

Weight Fluctuation—weight gain stretches skin, weight loss reduces youthful facial contours

Stress—reduces normal repair functions

Loss of Estrogen—contributes to loss of elasticity and fine wrinkles

Nutritional—high glycemic diet damages collagen

What You See in the Mirror

  • Loss of Youthful Radiance
  • Brown Discoloration and Spots
  • Broken Blood Vessels
  • Sagging and Loss of Elasticity
  • Fine Wrinkles
  • Deeper Wrinkles
  • Loss of Youthful Facial Shape and Contours
  • Growths, Bumps and Scaly Areas
  • Large Pores
  • Bumpy Sallow Skin
  • Sagging and Discoloration of the Neck

Non-Surgical Treatments That Can Help You Look Younger

Dr. Elaine's Skin Care—physician strength prevention and treatment with potent botanical antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, stem cell extracts, pigment regulators and multi-fruit acids combined with vitamins, peptides and sun protection increase elasticity, smoothness and glow, while reducing brown discoloration and fine lines.

Refissa— prescription cream reduces spots, roughness and fine wrinkles.

GentleWaves—painless, non-invasive light treatment improves fine lines and texture, reduces collagen breakdown.

SilkPeel—improves radiance, glow, fine lines, acne, some pigmentation; increases penetration of surface treatments.

Chemical Peel—gives a fresher, smoother surface, improves acne, milia and some types of pigmentation.

Clear + Brilliant—proactive no downtime laser skin care to improve fine lines, brown discoloration, texture, tone, the appearance of pore size and restore radiance.

Botox— injections reduce frown and forehead lines, crow's feet; lifts eyebrows.

Juvederm XC - Restylane L - Juvederm Voluma— injection to restore volume to specific areas, reducing wrinkles, lines, and improving areas that have lost volume such as lips, cheeks and underneath the eyes. Improves results with Thermage, Fraxel and IPL.

Sculptra—injections to stimulate collagen production and restore volume over larger areas; restores youthful facial contour and lifts sagging skin. Neck treatment reduces wrinkling, mild/moderate sagging and lines. Improves results with Thermage, Fraxel and IPL.

IPL—intense Pulsed Light treatment reduces brown and red discoloration on face, neck, chest, forearms and hands.

Fraxel Laser Treatment—improves sun damage, mild to moderate wrinkles, large pores, bumpy skin surface, some pigment abnormalities, acne scarring and stretch marks. Face, eyelids, neck, chest, hands may be treated.

Thermage— non-surgical treatment tightens loose skin on face, eyelids and neck.

Kybella—injections to reduce "double chin" and sculpt the upper neck by removing fat deposits.

CoolSculpting—non-invasive fat reduction for abdomen, waist, love handles, back fat, some thigh fat.

Specific Treatments for Specific Problems

Loss of Youthful Radiance—Skin Care, Refissa, GentleWaves, SilkPeel, Chemical Peel

Brown Discoloration and Spots—Skin Care, Refissa, IPL, SilkPeel, Chemical Peel, Clear + Brilliant

Broken Blood Vessels—IPL

Sagging and Loss of Elasticity—Sculptra, Juvederm, Thermage

Fine Wrinkles— Skin Care, Refissa, GentleWaves, SilkPeel, Chemical Peel, Clear + Brilliant

Deeper Wrinkles—Juvederm, Sculptra, Fraxel, Thermage

Loss of Youthful Facial Shape and Contours—Sculptra, Juvederm

Growths, Bumps and Scaly Areas—Liquid Nitrogen, Electrocautery, IPL/PDT, Clear + Brilliant

Large Pores—Skin Care, Refissa/Tazorac, Fraxel, Chemical Peel, SilkPeel, Clear + Brilliant

Bumpy Sallow Skin—Refissa, Fraxel

Sagging and Discoloration of the Neck— Sculptra, IPL, Thermage

Fat Reduction on Body—CoolSculpting

How Many Treatments, How Long It Lasts, Recovery Time

GentleWaves—initial series of 8 treatments, no recovery time.

SilkPeel—initial series of 8 treatments, then once a month to maintain results, or as individual treatment, no recovery time.

Chemical Peel— initial series of 8 treatments, then once a month to maintain results, or as individual treatment, mild peeling after treatment.

Clear + Brilliant—initial series of 4-8 treatments, then intermittent maintenance treatments for best results. No recovery time.

Botox— single treatment, lasts an average of 4 months, may last longer with repeat treatments, no recovery time except occasional pinpoint bruising.

Juvederm/Restylane—single treatment, lasts an average of 1 year, some of the improvement may be permanent, may cause swelling for a couple of days and bruising lasting up to several weeks.

Sculptra— usually a series of 3 treatments, lasts an average of 2-3 years though some of the improvement is permanent, may cause swelling for a couple of days and bruising lasting up to several weeks.

IPL—usually 1-3 treatments, results are permanent although new spots may develop from past sun damage, may have redness for 24 hours, brown spots turn darker and peel off over 5 days on face, 2-3 weeks on neck, chest, arms, hands.

Fraxel Laser Treatment—3-5 treatments, results are permanent, 24 hours of redness and swelling, then skin is stiff, and bronzed for 5 days on the face, up to 2 weeks off the face, no weeping oozing or blistering.

Thermage—1 treatment, may be repeated, results are permanent although you will continue to age, no recovery time.

Kybella—an average of 3-4 treatments, 6 weeks apart. Expect mild-mod swelling for days to a week, and possible bruising. Numbness lasting a couple of weeks. Results are permanent.

CoolSculpting—single treatment gives 22-25% reduction in fat, may be repeated for additional results, results are permanent if weight is maintained, no recovery time.

Get the Most from Your Cosmetic Dermatology Consultation

Help Us Help You— there are many options to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Cook will give you her opinion on which options would work best for you. To come up with a plan that best fits your needs, we need to know:

  • What do you want to improve?
  • Are you interested in a basic program, comprehensive program or somewhere in between?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are your downtime restrictions and ability to moderate sun exposure during treatment?
  • Are there procedures you are definitely not interested in considering?

Together we will come up with a plan for you.